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Important Safety Information

CAUTION The K-Drill’s ice auger blades are VERY SHARP! Be sure to keep safety in the front of your mind whenever using it.

  • DO NOT use the K-Drill Auger for anything else except for which it is intended-for drilling ice! It was not designed to drill into soil or lumber.
  • When drilling, keep a firm hold on the drill handle and side-arm. Also maintain proper footing and balance at all times.
  • Train inexperienced operators before allowing them to use the K-Drill.
  • DO NOT wear loose clothing or jewelry. They can be caught in the moving auger.
  • DO wear ice cleats in order to maintain firm footing.
  • During the operation of cutting the ice, the auger could possibly bind. Use caution to avoid wrist injury and don’t force the drill.
  • After cutting the ice fishing holes, the auger should ALWAYS be set in a safe place to prevent personal injury or damage to the auger shaft or blades.
  • Inspect K-Drill auger periodically , and if damaged, have it repaired or replaced by an authorized service facility. Keep the blades sharp and clean for best performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Make sure the drill switch is in a locked position when changing blades.
  • After changing the blades make sure to ALWAYS put the safety cover on the auger.
  • When installing or removing the blades, make sure someone helps hold the auger to avoid injury.
  • DO NOT try to sharpen the blades yourself. K-Drill offers FREE Lifetime Blade Sharpening of the product unless damaged.
  • If you have problems or have a defective K-Drill, DO NOT return it to a retailer. Contact Us directly for all warranty issues.

Storage & Maintenance

  • Make sure to store the K-Drill auger in a safe location, and out of reach of children and animals. MAKE SURE THE SAFETY COVER IS IN PLACE!
  • Before storage, spray a lubricating oil, such as WD-40, on the blades to prevent rusting during the off season.

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