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Install Auger Extension

The standard K-Drill can auger through up to 36” of ice. So when things get a bit more challenging than that, an extension can be added for ice conditions beyond three feet. The extensions can also be “stacked” if needed to create a very long ice auger.

  1. Slide the K-Drill’s float down, exposing the Allen bolt.
  2. Remove the bolt and remove the drive stem and washer.
  3. Install the stem of extension into the open shaft of the K-Drill, securing extension to K-Drill.
  4. Replace and tighten the bolt removed in step #2.
  5. Install the drive stem with washer into the top of extension.
  6. Secure it with the new bolt provided.

You will notice that the extension also has a float attached. This is to account for the added weight. Do not remove this second float.

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