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Frequently Asked Questions

Drill running in reverse, blades are dull or have burrs on cutting edge.

Depends on drill and battery, blade condition, depth of ice - Usually 400 inches of ice with 6 inch K-drill on 4 amp battery and 350 inches of ice with 7.5 inch K-Drill.

This is the result of not clearing the hole of ice chips. You can drill continuously down just until you can no longer see the flighting - then clear the hole. Then clear the hole every 5 seconds after that until break through.

The bottom 3-4 inches of ice is very soft and saturated with water as it is close to the same temp as the water below. DO NOT slow down the RPM of the drill as you approach break-through as it will stick to this softer moist ice, but keep the RPM up until break-through.

Improper chucking of the drive adapter into the drill. Take the time to get the jaws set on the flats of the drive adapter – Tighten. Drill 3-4 inches of ice – stop – tighten the chuck some more. Drill 2-3 complete holes – tighten again. The teeth of the drill have to bite into the drive adapter to stay tight and so the auger does not fall out of the drill.

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