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Install Adjustable Auger Extension

Installing the Adjustable Extension

  1. Slide the K-Drill’s float down from top of auger, exposing the Allen bolt.
  2. Remove the bolt and remove the drive adapter and washer from the auger.
  3. Install the stem of the extension.
  4. Replace and tighten the bolt removed in step #2.
  5. Remove the bolt from extension and adjust to desired length.
  6. Put the bolt back in after length has been determined.
  7. Install the drive adapter with the washer into the top of the extension.
  8. Secure it with the new bolt provided.


You will notice that the extension also has a float attached. This is to account for the added weight. Do not remove this second float.

Important: When drilling through very thick ice, remember to clear the hole of the ice shavings often to prevent the auger from getting stuck in the hole.

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