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Note – Before you ask the question, “Will my drill work?”, please review the drill minimum requirements and the specs of your particular drill.

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  1. Am I able to bring dull blades right to the store in Bloomington to be sharpened? Do I just drop them off with an address or what?

    1. Yes, you may drop off blades at our facility in Bloomington, MN. We will have them sent out to our blade manufacturer for resharpening and they’ll be mailed back to you from his facility.

  2. Are you making a 10″ auger???

    1. We’ve developed the K-Drill to be operated primarily with a rechargeable electric hand drill. The design of the 6” and 8” K-drills are compatible with what’s considered the contractor grade of rechargeable electric drills that are presently on the market. We’ve done some development and testing for the past 2 winters with a 9” K-drill and though some persons were able to operate it effectively and did not experience any issues with the electric drills, there were others that experienced overloading conditions and some drill failures. Granted there are some higher torque drills on the market that are used exclusively by contractors for high load conditions. These drills usually bump the drill cost up an extra $200-$300 over the cost of the standard rechargeable hand drill and so would greatly limit the quantity of 9” K-Drills sold. Until some drill manufacturers develop a lower cost-higher torque drill we’ll be staying with the 6” and 8” K-drills in order to keep our customers satisfied with a light weight electric drill/auger combination that will also keep the drill manufacturers happy that they don’t have a bunch of electric drills being returned due to overloading conditions that may be construed as customer neglect.

  3. Will there ever be a 10inch?!? I have the 8 and would love a 10 to!

    1. We’ve developed the K-Drill to be operated primarily with a rechargeable electric hand drill. The design of the 6” and 8” K-drills are compatible with what’s considered the contractor grade of rechargeable electric drills that are presently on the market. We’ve done some development and testing for the past 2 winters with a 9” K-drill and though some persons were able to operate it effectively and did not experience any issues with the electric drills, there were others that experienced overloading conditions and some drill failures. Granted there are some higher torque drills on the market that are used exclusively by contractors for high load conditions. These drills usually bump the drill cost up an extra $200-$300 over the cost of the standard rechargeable hand drill and so would greatly limit the quantity of 9” K-Drills sold. Until some drill manufacturers develop a lower cost-higher torque drill we’ll be staying with the 6” and 8” K-drills in order to keep our customers satisfied with a light weight electric drill/auger combination that will also keep the drill manufacturers happy that they don’t have a bunch of electric drills being returned due to overloading conditions that may be construed as customer neglect.

  4. K drill making noise like its slipping inside the drill. Sounds loud doesn’t do it at full speed just In the lower speeds as it starts to get fast.not sure if that’s normal.

    1. The sound you may be hearing could be coming from 2 locations. One may be if the electric drill is set in “screw” mode instead of “drill” mode, it will be working off the clutch of the drill. This makes a lot of noise once you start drilling. The second location where you’ll get noise is if the flats of the K-drill are not aligned with the jaws of the chuck and the drill starts slipping on the drive adapter at the top of the K-drill. It will be hitting only the high points of the k-drill drive adapter, this too will make a lot of noise and you’ll see steel filings coming out where the drive adapter enters the chuck of the drill. You’ll also see how the drill is grinding off these high spots on the drive adapter if not properly installed. Please align the 3 flats on the K-Drill drive adapter with the 3 jaws in the drill chuck before tightening.

    2. Do you need an adapter to connect the k drill to a gas strikemaster power auger? thanks!

    3. No adapter required to connect the K-drill to the Strikemaster power head, just slide the float down 3-4 inches exposing the socket-head cap screw that holds the drive adapter in the drive tube, remove SHCS and remove drive adapter and insert Strikemaster output shaft into the K-drill, re-insert the socket head cap screw (SHCS) and go drill holes. On some Strikemasters the through hole in the output shaft is a little close to the gear case resulting in a little modification to the top of the K-drill to fit a bolt through or to redrill a through hole a little higher on the K-drill shaft and using a 5/16 bolt with nyloc nut to hold auger to power head.

  5. Will a Ryobi One + 18v Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver work? It has 750 in/lbs torque with a 4ah 18v Lithium battery.

    1. Actually have not tested the Ryobi drills. It may seem to meet the minimum requirements for drills, but the unknowns include: How well does the gear head holdup under full load conditions? How well do the batteries perform when cold? Not all Lithium Ion batteries are the same. We have 3-4 years of test time on Milwaukee and Dewalt drills and know that they stand behind their products when used in this applications, other brands – unknown.

  6. When using DeWalt drill… exact which mode, settings should one be using?

    1. When using ANY drill on the K-Drill ALWAYS – ALWAYS run it in the slowest speed setting. Usually this is #1 as this gives you the most torque and is also a much safer operating speed. Also be certain the drill is set to be in “DRILL” mode, not hammer or screw mode, but “DRILL” mode. A reminder – whenever installing the K-Drill in the chuck of the electric drill, please tighten it 3 times: #1- align the 3 flats on the K-drill drive with the 3 jaws of the electric drill and work the drill back and forth to center on these flats while tightening the chuck as tight as possible. #2 drill 2-3 inches into the ice, don’t drill through, and tighten chuck as much as possible a second time – that’s #2. Drill 2-3 complete holes and again tighten the chuck as much as possible. After tightening these 3 times you should be good to drill multiple holes without worrying about it coming out of the chuck, of course, it’s still a good idea to check it again after drilling 10-20 holes just to be certain nothing has loosened up.

  7. I ordered the connector auger bit to the Clam Plate and have an order number but how do I track my order to see what the status of it is?

    1. When ordered online, we already have your email address. Once it ships we send out the ship date and tracking number to your email address for your convenience.

  8. why does my k drill get stuck at the bottom of the ice hole

    1. Ice conditions vary from the top of hole, where it’s close to the ambient temperature, to the bottom of the hole where it’s very close to 32 degrees and freezing. The ice at the bottom is almost in a mushy state and the drill will take a bigger bite of ice with each revolution than it has at the top where it’s hard and crisp. When getting close to the bottom it is very important to keep the trigger on the drill fully engaged and the drill running at full speed. It’s also important to not press down when down at the bottom preventing it from taking as large cut with each revolution, this will keep the RPM of the drill up and prevent the sticking issue.

  9. I was just wondering does it need to be a brushless drill ? I have a Milwaukee hammer drill lithium 28v it’s a 0726-20 it doesn’t say it’s brushless

    1. In applications of high load the brush-type drills have significant arcing between brushes and commutator. For short periods and occasional situations, this is not a problem because the commutator of the drill motor has time to cool off between these situations. However when drilling multiple holes over extended periods, we’ve experienced a break down of the insulation between commutator segments in the drill, once this happens the drill is essentially shot. Brushless drills do not experience this arcing so can withstand the high load for a greater period of time.

  10. Can I use the k-drill as a hand auger with a Lazer hand auger handle?

    1. You are welcome to give it a try if you wish, but we don’t have a means of attaching the K-Drill to the hand crank handle and it will require more torque (work) than most people care to put into drilling a hole.

  11. The new blades that you sent me have a smaller center bit than the old one , the side blades are exact other than another set of mounting holes in them , doesn’t appear that it will work ,please advise

    1. The first year of the K-Drill the center tip was 2.25 inches wide. After some redesign the center tip was brought down to 1.75 inches wide and it’s been that ever since. On our website, we explain that but consumers don’t always make a trip to the computer to check that out. Please contact us via email or phone and give us your address and we’ll get the larger, first year center tip sent to you at no charge.

  12. The calm plate has 4 generations of plates. 1 & 2 you need the chuck off. 3 & 4 keep chuck on. Does you adapter to the plate work for all generations? I have the 2nd generation and and don’t know if it will work on mine.

    1. The design of the clam plate has changed on the top end, from how the drill attaches to the trigger activation, etc. The output shaft diameter on the bottom end has not changed so our adapter to the clam plate has not required any changes. Whatever revision of clam plate you have our adapter will fit.

  13. What is the inner diameter of the k drill/clam adapter?

    1. Bottom end that fits over the K-Drill drive adapter is larger than the .748 drive adapter shaft. Top end is different to fit over clam plate drive output shaft.


    1. Depending on what you’ll be using the drill for the other 8-9 months of the year will determine whether you purchase a Drill/Driver or a Hammer/Drill. Either one will be in “drill” mode when operating the K-Drill and both are spec’d with the same amount of torque. The Milwaukee 2704 is last seasons hammer/drill model and the 2804 is the hammer/drill model for this season. The 2804 has a better means of attaching the side arm support than last year’s 2704, so I would look for the 2804 – hammer/drill or the 2803 – Drill/driver to run with your K-drill.

    2. I’m on my second year and love it. However I did get a new set of blades this year, changed them to your specifications on the package and now all I’m doing is shaving ice. Took me so long to drill two holes I ended up just sitting on one spot. What am I missing?

    3. Though all replacement blades should be interchangeable, you may have gotten a set of replacement blades that were not sharpened exactly to our specifications. You may take the replacement blade set back where you’d purchased them and exchange them for a different set or send them in to AWC for replacement. Either way, we’ll get them back and you’ll get a replacement set in their place.

  15. I have a 6inch ION electric auger head Model 19150 and would like to put the 8 inch K-Drill on it, will it bolt up, or do I need an adapter of some sort?

    1. The K-drill auger can be attached to an Ion power head with the aid of the same adapter as is used on for the Clam Plate Adapter. This adapter can be purchased at AWC Distributing under part number IDRLADPC for $15.00 plus tax and shipping.

  16. I have the Milwaukee m18 brushless drill model 2704-20. I see you suggest the 2804-22 and 2704. I am not sure if I am reading the specs properly on the drill itself. Can you please help me if I have the proper drill? Thanks chris

    1. Yes, this drill will work well to operate the K-Drill. It was the latest model Milwaukee carried last season and it’s been replaced this season by the 2804-20 or 22. Output torque is equal on both models, the main difference of the 2804 over the 2704 is the mounting of the side handle support. If the side arm support handles are kept good and tight during drilling operations, both drills will work equally well.

  17. Hello,
    Has any testing been done on the Ridgid Octane 18v model number R8611506B? It has 1300 inch pounds of torque. I just purchased one with a 9 ah battery. This should suffice, correct? I know you support Milwaukee products, are they better rated for the cold over other brands like Ridgid?

    1. We have not had a chance to test the Ridgid Octane 18 volt. In reviewing the drill specs it appears to have all the torque and speed requirements to operate the K-drill. The unknowns may include: How well will the gearhead hold up under loads for repeated, extended periods of time, will the battery hold up under cold weather conditions? Each year more and more drill manufacturers improve their products to cover a larger and larger field of uses. We’ll try to test more drills each year allowing us to report on them to answer more consumers questions, such as yours.

  18. I know you have minimum requirements… but I already own a Ridgid r86116 gen 5x … looks like it’s 25 in lbs short … I’m I going to get by using it… I believe it meets the rest of the requirements

    1. It may work OK for the 6″ K-drill, but be marginal for the 8″. I also don’t know how well the batteries will hold up in cold weather conditions. We have not had a chance to test this drill out in actual applications, so we also don’t know how durable the gearcase is in this model. As it is a hammer drill, be certain it is in drill mode and not hammer mode when you want to start drilling holes.

  19. Can I just drop off blades to be sharpened and pick them up when they’re done? Or do I have to ship them. I am close by.

    1. You may drop off your blades here for resharpening, but we’ll be mailing them back to you as they are resharpened at a different location than here in Bloomington.

  20. I just purchased the 8″ K Drill and noticed that the flightings are arranged differently than shown on the manual. Also noticed some videos showing a different arrangement in the flightings. In the picture on the manual and some videos the flightings form a typical auger spiral while the arrangement on mine actually are staggered so they never completely spiral. Is there a reason for this?

    1. We have found that with the 8″ flighting in alignment vs in a continuous spiral we get approx. 10% more holes per charge on every battery. It is not as significant on the 6″ K-drill, so we’ve left the flighting in the spiral configuration for that unit. Our pictures in the manual may not be the most recent build of K-drills or they may be of the 6″ K-drill.

  21. I have a brush less 20 volt Dewalt Drill. What setting on the drill are recommended? It has the 3 speeds on top and then a speed adjustment on the chuck. Thanks!

    1. The Dewalt should be set on setting #1 – the slowest setting – to give the highest torque and allow it to operate at a safe and controllable speed. The dial around the chuck at the front of the drill can be on any setting as long as the drill is set on “Drill” mode as this dial is only used to establish a torque setting for turning in screws, not for the drilling mode.

    2. Is there anywhere to buy a refurbished Kdrill?

    3. Occasionally we bring back in some drills that our sales and pro staff have used and demonstrated for customers, but those usually are returned at the end of the ice season. Please call in throughout the season for an occasional one that is returned, but the best opportunity to acquire one is during March and April time frame.

  22. I have a Milwaukee M18 cordless drill driver. Unfortunately its not the brushless design. Am I still able to use this drill with my 8″ auger, and what is the life expectancy I should anticipate out of this drill since its not the brushless model? Thanks

    1. If you like the drill for working around the house and turning screws, keep it strictly for that. The torque required to turn the 8″ K-drill will cause arcing of the brushes on the commutator. This arcing causes considerable heat buildup on the armature and will quickly melt all insulation on the armature and turn the drill into a useless tool. If you don’t care for the drill and are looking for a new one, put it to use drilling holes until it melts in your hands and you can convince the wife and kids that you need a new drill for Christmas.

    2. What setting do I use on my m18 Milwaukee drill for my 8″ kdrill

    3. The speed setting is to be on #1 (the slowest speed) and the drive on the front of the drill is to be in “Drill” mode.

  23. I have a Ridged brand x4 18 volt drill would it be compatible with the k drill 8in model? I don’t drill a lot of holes normally just 4 at a time in the fish house.

    1. In reviewing the specs for this drill it appears to have good torque to turn the drill, (1400 inch/pounds) but don’t see any indication that it is brushless. This causes concern because the high load requirements to drive an 8″ K-Drill through 2-3 feet of ice may load it and cause sufficient arcing of the brushes on the armature. This arcing acts much like welding on a surface and extended periods of this without adequate cooling time will breakdown the insulation between armature plates. Resulting in a dead drill. If this is a brushless drill, then it’s worth trying, if not, try it at your own risk but have another drill handy.

  24. What is a brushless drill? My husband has an LXPH01 Mitaki Cordless drill and was wondering if that would fit on your auger?

    1. This Makita model has only 460 inch/pounds of torque. We recommend a minimum of 725 inch/pounds of torque to effectively drive our K-Drill. Anything less than that will cause you to be disappointed in both your drill and our K-Drill. It does not appear to be of a brushless design which will also cause it to burn up due to the load on the drill. Strongly not recommended for this application.

  25. ​I was watching Jason Mitchel Outdoors on TV.
    They had a K drill with a double handel on the top of the auger. Just below the drill
    Do you sell that attachment ?


    1. The device between the K-drill and the electric drill is sold by Clam Corp and is called the Drill Auger Conversion Plate. It provides a handle on each side of the electric drill and provides a solid mounting plate for the drill and drive shaft with clam adapter to attach to the K-Drill. Clam plates can be found at Fleet Farm, Cabelas, and Home Depot as well as Amazon and sell between $65 and $85. You will also need an adapter to fit between the Clam plate and the K-Drill and can be purchased at these same stores or purchased directly from AWC Distributing for $14.95.

  26. Menards sells a 20v lithium ion 1/2″ drill kit under the Masterforce name. Can this drill be used with the 8″ KDrill auger?

    1. In looking up the specifications for this drill it has only 600 inch/pounds of torque. That is considerably less than required to effectively turn the 8″ K-Drill. We indicate a minimum of 725 inch/pounds of torque for this application and when the new Milwaukee’s and Dewalts have 1000 to 1200 inch/pounds of torque it just makes good sense to go with something with a little more in reserve to continue use for years to come.

  27. My k drill stopped drilling at the end of the season last and I wasn’t sure why so bought new blades. Is there a certain way that the blades need to be put on? I don’t want to mess it up. Thank you

    1. The blades can only be installed on way so they are not interfering with the center tip and the bolts go through. See your manual regarding blade replacement.

    2. when replacing the center blade on the auger does it matter which way it is put on?

    3. No it does not matter as long as the point is aiming down and into the ice and the center blade is centered (equal distance) between the 2 chipper blades. It will look like the center tip is chipped, but that is how the blade is designed.

  28. I have a question about your one year warrantee. I bought my 6″ k drill a little under a year ago and it stopped drilling for some reason with no damage to the drill or auger. I bought it at a mills fleet farm would I have to return it to them or would I return it to you guys for the warrantee?

    1. If the K-drill was operating at one time and now it is not, the only thing that can go wrong is if the blades have become dulled. It may have been something buried in the ice that you were completely unaware of. Please return the drill to us for service or replace the blades or have the blades resharpened and try again.

  29. Your dealer page lists “Sail” in Canada – however their website does not list your product. What’s going on? I would like to buy this in Ontario, Canada please.

    1. I have Sail, Cabelas Canada, Radio World, Fishing Hole and Fish 307 listed as outlets for the K-Drill in Canada. It’s possible that any of them may not have their website up-to-date, so I would give them a call to confirm whether they have it in stock or not.

  30. When using my DeWalt 996 drill what speed setting do you recommend? All three seem to work.

    1. The DeWalt 996 hammerdrill should only be operated on the lowest speed setting – #1. The 0-450 RPM is the ideal speed range for K-Drill operation. Once you get the drill started and you can pull the trigger to full speed, then all you have to concentrate on is keeping the drill directly over the hole giving you the straightest hole possible. Any higher speed settings become dangerously fast to control (with whirling knife blades on the end of a 3 foot lever) and with any increase in speed you will get lower torque. Hole drilling is a balance of torque and speed. 400 to 450 RPM on this drill will give you the best torque at the ideal hole drilling speed.

  31. Is it really true that blades are covered for life

    1. No blades can be guaranteed for life, but we do guarantee free blade resharpening for as long as you own a K-Drill. Most blades can be resharpened 2-3 times before needing replacement. Once you send the blades in for resharpening, it takes 2-3 weeks for your same blades to be returned to you. If the blades have been damaged or worn out and cannot be resharpened, we will notify you of this and you may purchase replacement sets at that time. Replacement blade sets (3 blades) cost $40.

  32. I’m thinking of buying the 8″ K-drill. I like to spear fish. To make the spear hole I usually drill out a 3×3 grid of concentric holes with my gas auger, then chip out any ridges. I don’t have a saw. Have you tried using a K-Drill in this manner to create a spear hole? How does it handle? Late season ice can get to be thick. At the end of drilling this type of hole with a gas auger I’m tired as the auger bounces around alot because its not a “normal” hole (because one side is open and the guide tip might not be entirely in solid ice), and also the weight of the auger gets to be tiresome. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. I heard of many people enlarging their fishing holes by overlapping holes. The K-drill does that with ease, as long as you keep the center tip on solid ice. If the center tip is on solid ice it will continue to drill straight down without jumping around. If you have 1-2 inches of overlap you will be able to drill as large a spearing hole as necessary, then just smooth some of protruding semicircles with your chisel. This light weight drill and auger will have you set-up for spearing without all the sweat.

  33. What is the hole size of the retainer/snap ring at the base of the drill adapter (just above the float)? I’m looking to purchase the correct pliers…thanks

    1. The pin size for the snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring should be no larger than .055. We usually find it easier to remove the complete drive stem with washer than just removing the washer. That can be accomplished by sliding the float down about 3 inches then removing the exposed allen bolt and removing the complete drive stem with the washer attached.

  34. Which Milwaukee drill is preferred to run the 8″ K-drill, the compact 2703 or the full size 2704? Does one handle better than the other, considering the drill length and weight difference?

    1. The Milwaukee 2703 and 2704 are identical from the standpoint of power output – 1200 in-lbs of torque. The only difference is that the 2703 is a drill/driver and the 2704 is a hammer drill. The difference of 1/4″ and 1/3 lb in favor of the hammer drill is in the hammer mechanism in the front of the drill assembly. Either of these Milwaukee drills will handle the K-Drill as long as they are used in the “Drill” mode. Then it comes down to personal preference, pricing and availability as how they plan on using the drill the other 6 months of the year when it’s not attached to the K-Drill.

  35. Have you ever considered making an extension with flighting for Lake Winnipeg ice or would that make things worse?

    1. The design of the K-Drill was based upon making a light weight ice auger that can be operated with a rechargeable drill. That is still the main goal for this product as greater than 90% of these drills seldom see more than 24-30 inches of ice. We may say that ice is ice, no matter what the thickness, but the power to bring the ice chips to the top of a 4-5 foot hole grows exponentially once past the 2 foot level. For the consumer that still wants to fish Lake Winnipeg or any other lake that has 4-5 feet of ice, it is important not to overload the drill by continuing to stir the ice crystals any longer than necessary in the hole. It is for that reason we only have 24 inches of flighting and that we recommend that when drilling in deep ice (anything beyond 24 inches)once you can no longer see the top flighting, it’s time to clear the hole and then resume drilling. So, until there are rechargeable drills that can handle higher loads at reasonable costs we won’t be adding more flighting to the extensions.

  36. Just bought a Milwaukee drill(model 2704-22 kit). Plan to buy an 8 inch k drill to use with it. Have read that some k drill users complain about the amount of torque on their wrists while drilling causing danger and/or fatigue. Are they correct? I also read about users having the side handle on the Milwaukee drill break during normal k drill use. I’d prefer not to have to add a Clam Plate adapter because of the added weight and expense. Will the 8 inch k drill work well and safely with just the side handle attached on the Milwaukee drill? If I’m not going to use the k drill on anything except my Milwaukee drill, is there a necessity or reason to have to buy the Clam Plate adapter?

    1. Yes, the newer rechargeable drills do have a lot of torque, but with the sidearm added to the drill it does give plenty of control. I find that once I get the drill turning and has started drilling ice I do bring my elbow close to my body which helps to absorb some of the torque from drilling. There are no adapters required when attaching the K-Drill to a rechargeable electric drill, just tighten the chuck on the flats provided on the top of the K-Drill. Once it’s tightened and rechecked for tightness, you’re good for drilling all day long. I recommend to everyone to try drilling with the hand drill, with side arm support attached, first and get a feel for it. If you are not comfortable drilling with that setup, then and only then would I recommend attaching to a Clam Plate as the handles are 180 degrees apart and it may give a more comfortable feel. Unfortunately it adds about 5 pounds to the overall weight of the drill and auger and lightens your pocket book by about $90 by the time you are done. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.

  37. I have a Strikemaster Lithium 40V auger and was thinking the K-Drill might be a good option to lighten things up.

    I understand the Strikemaster Lithium 40V has a 320-330 rpm speed.

    Will the K-Drill work effectively at that speed?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. The K-Drill is most effective when operating at a slightly higher RPM of around 450 to keep the ice crystals in suspension, but we’ve seen it attached and worked well on the Strikemaster gas auger which is turning around 150-200 RPM. The slower the RPM’s the more power is required because the ice crystals are stirred in the hole until coming up and discharged out the top. The difference between 450 and 325 RPM may not even be noticeable under most drilling conditions.

  38. Hi to everyone. Reading your Q&A page and I see there are a few people asking about a 9″ or a 10″ auger. You said you have been testing a 9″ for the last 2 years. You say that the problem is it’s hard to find a drill out there that is cheap enough to pull the 9 or 10 inch drill. Well I have a Milwaukee 2810-20 M18 Fuel Mud Mixer. Cost is about $199 anywhere. Seen 1 on ebay for $150. Let me tell you that this will pull any auger you have. If anyone is a serious ice fisherman get 1 if these drills and a k-drill and you will the happiest fisherman around and yes I to would like to try out your 9″auger on my Milwaukee Mud Mixer. Is there anyway I could test 1 of these 9″augers for you or buy 1 from you. Thanks in advance. Mike

    1. Milwaukee Mud Mixer was tried by several members of our field test staff with similar results by all. Final Results: The heavier Milwaukee Mud Mixer did not have a high enough current load or temp setting to work with the 8 inch K-Drill and would continuously shut down after 2-3 holes. The standard 2703-20 drill far out-performed the Mud Mixer in all of our testing. Until Milwaukee makes some changes to the control circuit in the the Mud Mixer I would be certain it could be returned for a standard 2703-20 or 2803-20 hand drill.

  39. Will any Milwaukee Fuel drill work. I’m looking at purchasing one that is not on your approved list. The model is 2806-20. Thanks

    1. No, not every Milwaukee M18 Fuel drill will work. Milwaukee offers both a Drill/Driver and Hammer/Drill. Both models have the same torque – 1200 inch-pounds, which is enough to adequately turn the K-Drill. It is your personal preference which of the 2 you purchase, because both can be set to drill mode only and it’s your personal usage that will determine whether you will need a hammer drill the other 6 months of the year or simply drilling and turning screws. Milwaukee has changed their model numbers several times over the years. The latest model for 2018-’19 is the Drill/Driver (2804-20) and the Hammer/Drill (2806-20).

  40. What type steel do you use for the blades and where are they made?

    1. It is a Chromalloy and is made completely in Minnesota.

  41. Hello. Just wondering if there is Anything in the works of a bigger hole than 8? I know 10 inch is a lot but maybe a 9 inch k drill.

    1. > We’ve developed the K-Drill to be operated primarily with a rechargeable electric hand drill. The design of the 6″ and 8″ K-drills are compatible with what’s considered the contractor grade of rechargeable electric drills that are presently on the market. We’ve done some development and testing for the past 2 winters with a 9″ K-drill and though some persons were able to operate it effectively and did not experience any issues with the electric drills, there were others that experienced overloading conditions and some drill failures. Granted there are some higher torque drills on the market that are used exclusively by contractors for high load conditions. These drills usually bump the drill cost up an extra $200-$300 over the cost of the standard rechargeable hand drill and so would greatly limit the quantity of 9″ K-Drills sold. Until some drill manufacturers develop a lower cost-higher torque drill we’ll be staying with the 6″ and 8″ K-drills in order to keep our customers satisfied with a light weight electric drill/auger combination that will also keep the drill manufacturers happy that they don’t have a bunch of electric drills being returned due to overloading conditions that may be construed as customer neglect.

  42. Why don’t you provide blade installation instruction anywhere in your manual or on your website?
    Even if there is no possible way to install them incorrectly, it would be comforting to know that.
    The center blade has a lot of side to side movement, so I would like to know about that. Thanks.

    1. Please refer to Page 8 of your manual “Replacing the Blades” in that it covers chipper blade installation and the the center tip is to be equally spaced (centered) from the chipper blades.

  43. I am looking to purchase a new 8″ K Drill. Do you know where I can get one? I have only been able to find 6″ K Drills.

    1. We are presently sold out of all 8″K-Drills. We expect to begin production and have more available in late April or May of this year. We cannot take orders for them now without fulfillment as we cannot hold your credit card info that long in our system.

  44. I have an m18 Milwaukee 2703-20 and where the side handle attaches to the drill, one of the notches broke off when using my k- drill , does Milwaukee have a replacement part

    1. The attachment of the side handle to the body of the Milwaukee drill appears to be it’s weak point. We’ve heard of several persons this has occurred to and our only recommendation is to send the drill in under warranty so they may replace that section of the drill.

    2. Quick question, which Milwaukee model is preferred with either the 6” or 8” kdrill bit? The M2703-22 or the M2704-22? Looking to purchase soon, thanks!!

    3. Either Milwaukee model will work as they both have the same working torque. The 2703-22 is the drill/driver, the 2704-22 is the hammer drill. Depending upon how you plan on using the drill the 6 months out of the year when you’re not drilling ice will determine which model you should purchase. Both will work well with either the 6″ or 8″ K-Drill models.

  45. What is the warranty on one of your refurbished units? What changes are made during the refurbishing process?

    1. We offer the same 1 year warranty on reconditioned units as brand new units. Usually these reconditioned units have come back from customers and need a replacement set of blades or the drive adapter has been worn or they could simply be ones we’ve used for testing/filming purposes. All components are reviewed for wear and defective components replaced.

  46. Could a 1/2 inch “hex head” type adapter made to fit the custom K-Drill drive adapter allow for the use of a higher torque impact wrench instead of a drill? Wouldn’t this also allow for the use of an impact wrench with the K-Drill without need of a handle attachment (such as the Clam Plate adapter)?

    1. Strongly not recommended for use with an impact driver. The K-drill is designed to have a continuous driving force, such as would come from a drill. An impact driver would pound all components to pieces once it gets put under load.

  47. I have to say the kdrill is awesome and I sold my 2 Nils augers and getting ready to sell my 3 Nils as it is a gas auger. I have to say what a great product and lightweight and portability it is. My question is do you offer a waterproof bag to protect the drill when transporting.

    1. We don’t have anything in the works at this time for a waterproof cover for the K-Drill.

  48. I live and fish in “Windy Wyoming” sand blown onto the ice is not uncommon. I can easily touch up the blades on my good ‘ol Jiffy 30 as I’m a wood worker and have a plethora of stones, jigs etc, to keep plane irons, chisels and planer blades top notch. Would it be possible to home “hone” (not re-grind) the blades on a K-Drill? Finding clean ice out here sometimes can be as challenging as finding fish!

    1. You’re welcome to try touching up the blades, but when blade resharpening is free, why bother! The angles these blades are sharpened are critical to the function of the K-Drill and all you may be doing is lessening the number of times the blades may be resharpened before having to be replaced.

  49. You obviously have a great product (8″) because it’s sold out on your site and every other outlet I can find. Any idea when you expect them back in stock?

    1. We are presently ordering components for this next year’s build. We’ll be out of stock until some time in April.

  50. What do I need to adapt an 8″ K-drill to a Z71 shark powerhead.

    1. The Eskimo with Z71 powerhead should have the same 7/8″ output shaft diameter as all other Eskimo models, which allows the K-Drill to slide right up on that shaft, after the removal of the K-Drill drill adapter. It would be advisable to drill a larger hole in the K-drill to allow for the 3/8″ connection bolt, but that is the only modification necessary to attach the K-drill to the Z71.

  51. I’m considering between the 6″ and the 8” and using the Milwaukee fuel series cordless drill can you estimate the number of holes that can be cut through about 10″ of ice? Would an 8″ k-drill cut less holes with a fully charged battery than a 6″ shaft or about the same?

    1. In tests we conducted a couple years ago when only using the 4 amp/hr lithium ion battery we drilled 400 inches of ice with the 6″ K-drill and 350 inches of ice using the 8″ k-drill. Most drills now are equipped with 5 amp/hr batteries, so an estimated 20% more battery would translate to an estimated 20% more holes.

    2. Why is there no 10 inch bit only the 6 and 8.

    3. Primary reason is there are no rechargeable electric drills that can continuously handle the load. That and the 6 and 8 inch holes sizes are the most popular holes sizes used, so that became the areas of our concentration.

  52. Does the arrangement for blade sharpening extend to Canadian customers?

    1. Absolutely, You are responsible to get the blades sent back to us and we’ll resharpen and return to you on our nickel.

  53. Does K Drill make an adapter so I can use my Eskimo HC40 powerhead with it or will it fit directly on the shaft like the K Drill does for a Strikemaster auger powerhead?

    1. No adapter necessary. The output shaft of the Eskimo should be 7/8″ diameter and after sliding the drive adapter out of the K-Drill, you should be able to slide the shaft right over the output shaft of the Eskimo. The bolt used on the Eskimo is 3/8″ so will need a new hole drilled through the K-Drill. Usually best to drill the new hole through at 90 degrees to the existing hole and then secure with a 3/8″ bolt with nyloc nut to prevent any drop off issues.

  54. I already have a clam adapter and DEWALT drill will I need any additional parts or pieces if I order a 6 inch auger?

    1. If you have the Clam Plate (approx $70) and the drill, you will still need the Clam Plate Adapter for K-Drill ($14.95) from either Clam or AWC in order to make the final connection between the Clam Plate and the K-Drill.

  55. Does the ice auger combo come with the safety cover?

    1. Yes, it does. Bright orange in color so it will be difficult to lose in the snow.

  56. Why does my m18 2704-20 keep coming loose on kdrill when I’m drilling thru ice,I tighten the chuck till it goes past the last click thus locking the chuck in place,I clean out ice chips regularly when using it , what’s happening

    1. The K-Drill requires a lot of torque to cut ice, it is for that reason, we put flats on the top of the drive adapter. This is so it’s possible to secure the jaws of the drill chuck solidly on these flats and carry the load. We recommend aligning the jaws with the flats during installation and work the drill back and forth as you tighten the chuck. Tighten as tight as possible – drill 3-4 inches and tighten some more as the jaws will seat into the drive adapter. Drill 2-3 complete holes and tighten a 3rd time. Then you are assured it is tight in the chuck and won’t be spinning on you again.
      We do offer replacement adapters if yours has gotten too rounded off. Please refer to our website.

  57. Will the new k drill 8 inch bits fit and work in the new strikemaster lithium 40V augers?

    1. I would expect that they would even though I personally have not fit one up to it. If the output shaft is the same 7/8″ diameter, then it will fit. However, the other electrics turn at a much slower speed and so it will require clearing the hole more often to avoid simply stirring the ice chips in the hole instead of quickly kicking them out to the surface. The slower RPM will still cut ice, but not as efficiently as the faster spinning hand drills.

  58. Do you find there is a difference in product performance when drilling multiple holes through 24+ inches of ice if you use a clam adaptor plate? My setup is an 8 inch k drill and a Milwaukee fuel 2704 all new this year. Also using the new Milwaukee 9 Ah battery. This unit is amazing early season and in 8-15 inches of ice, but i have noticed when the ice got to 20 plus inches the unit didn’t perform the same. The drill would get warm after 5 or 6 holes and at times would even stop during the drilling, wait 10 seconds and would drill a bit again and stop? We get very thick ice as the season progresses in ND and want to take this unit to Lake Winnipeg, but concerned the performance will not be there for 20-40 holes per day in very thick ice. I also should mention the k drill extension is on this set up as well. I also have 2 extra 5 ah batteries, so that is not an issue. It is the drill becoming warm and stopping at times that concerns me. I also have 3 friends with this exact 2703/2704 fuel/k drill set up and report same issues? Thanks for response!

    1. The greater the depth of ice the more important it becomes to frequently clear the hole of the ice chips. The more ice chips left in the hole, the more power is simply being used to stir the chips in the hole. When drilling at the rate of 1.5-2 inches per second, you will generate a lot of chips in 5 seconds. That’s why we recommend clearing the hole every 5 seconds when drilling deeper than 24 inches.

  59. How do I connect my k drill to my clam drill plate?

    1. You can make the connection between the Clam Plate and K-Drill with an adapter from AWC or Clam. We both offer them for $14.95 and either one will work equally as well. Please view our website manual to fully understand how this connection is made.

  60. Does the K-Drill work to re-open previously drilled holes as in a permant fish house where the holes are drilled, partially refroze, drilled, etc?

    1. During the design process of the K-Drill, this was one of the requirements. It does very well re-opening existing holes. It is important to know that the holes freeze from the outside in and that it will be necessary to “Hold Back” on the aggressiveness of the teeth of the K-Drill since they are cutting primarily on the outside edges of the blades.

  61. I currently have a 6in kdrill. So far I am really liking it, but sometimes the tip freezes up. The tip will get compacted ice and snow in the shape of a cone on it and it will not continue to cut until I chip it away. Sometimes, even though I just chipped away the buildup, and there is no water on the tip, as soon as I go to finish cutting the hole it will freeze up right away with this buildup. One time I had to remove the ice buildup 5 times to get one hole drilled. I was wondering if you have a recommended solution to this problem I am experiencing.

    1. That has been known to occur when we experience a lot of these exceptionally cold days. The Aluminum head is cold soaked and once it hits the water at the bottom – instant freeze. I will usually bring the auger up, out of the hole and ,while holding the shaft just below the float will spin off the excess water that’s hanging onto the head. This generally clears any excess water from the head before it has a chance to freeze. If there is some ice on the center tip not allowing me to start drilling my next hole I will generally just lightly tap the center tip down on the ice and the ice formed on the tip will snap off.

  62. If I don’t purchase a k drill off of this site will I still be able to get the warranty and blade sharpening

    1. Your receipt is your warranty regarding any product defects. Your K-Drill blades will still have free re-sharpening as long as you own a K-Drill.

  63. What’s included in a K-Drill 6″ combo? What model # is the DeWalt XR 20 Volt?

    1. We offer the DeWalt DCD991P2. This has 2 – 5amp/hour Lithium Ion batteries, a side arm support, charger, drill and carrying case plus the K-Drill auger itself.

  64. What size hole dose the 8” make my 8” skimmer dose not work.

    1. The 6 inch K-Drill makes a 6 inch diameter hole. The 8 inch K-Drill makes a 7.5 inch diameter hole.

  65. I attached the drill to the auger and tightened it, is there supposed to be a small amount of movement with the drill left and right or is not supposed to move at all? Thanks

    1. All drills have a small amount of backlash in the gears, this is normal. For this reason, we recommend setting the drill on the ice and starting in contact with the ice so the backlash in the gears is taken up by the load of this contact.

  66. I am looking at the K-Drill and was wondering if my Milwaukee drill would work, The model is 2704-20 and appears to meet the torque and RPM requirements listed on your page however this specific drill model is not listed as one of the approved drills under the specs.

    Thank you,

    1. The Milwaukee 2703 and 2704 models are identical except that the 2703 is a drill/driver and the 2704 is the hammer/drill. Either one will work as long as you remember to put it into the drill mode before starting to operate the K-Drill.

  67. Greetings,

    I have a StrikeMaster Electra Lazer 12000DP I need to change out a bent auger. The KDrill caught my eye. Would my StrikeMaster powerhead have enough specs to handle the requirements for the 8″ KDrill?

    Powered by a 12V battery pack
    20 amps peak draw
    40-1 gear ratio
    90 RPM auger rotation

    1. The Strikemaster electric power head will connect to the K-Drill the same as any Strikemaster gas power head and will have enough power to turn the K-Drill. The issue you will experience is that the output RPM at 90 RPM is about 20% of what we expect for most efficient use of the K-Drill. When operating at 450 RPM the ice chips are in suspension and are quickly discharged out the top of the hole. When operating too slow the blades will still be cutting ice but the chips will be simply stirred in the hole until they can be forced out the top. This is not the most efficient means of drilling holes and will require the hole being cleared more often than when used with a high speed drill.

  68. Hello I just got the 8″ with a Dewalt DCD 996 and drilled about 40 holes with with it when the drilled died completely on me . I have 5 batteries so it s not them. I had the drill on drilling mode and had it set to 2nd gear. 1st gear is 0-450rpm 2nd is 0-1300 3rd is 2000. Should i be in a different gear or was it just a defective drill ? Thank you

    1. We recommend that any drill used on the K-Drill be set to the lowest speed setting. This setting provides the highest torque from the drill and produces the least load on the drill motor. Even at 450 RPM the K-drill is still cutting at the rate of better than an inch per second. More than fast enough for drilling ice.

    2. Thank you
      Great product BTW !!!

  69. I searched this question page and didn’t find the keyword that I was searching, so here’s my question.

    I have an ION auger and powerhead. I’d like to use a KDrill on that powerhead.

    Is there a commercial way for me to buy the parts to put your awesome KDrill on my beter-than-a-drill powerhead?

    1. Easy fix. We offer the Clam Plate Adapter to connect the K-Drill to the Clam Plate and it is a perfect fit to connect the Ion power head to K-Drill. Cost is $14.95.

  70. I have the K drill auger and I use the Milwaukee M18 Fuel drill. I want to fish on a lake in Minnesota’s BWCA where power equipment (like drills) is not allowed and you can only use a hand auger. I love the ultra-light weight of the K drill auger but there appears to be no handle accessory for the K drill to enable it to be used without drill; however, I could manufacture one from a handle on a Mora (blue) hand auger by cutting the handle off that auger and fabricating a coupler so the handle would attach to the K drill auger. Any issues with doing this? … other than don’t apply downward pressure when hand-augering?

    1. I wouldn’t advise doing it unless you have a long time to drill a hole. The K-Drill auger will take more torque to turn than a standard hand auger. An electric drill developes lots of torque and the higher RPM gets the job done in a short amount of time, but to replace the 450 RPM of a drill with a maximum of 50 RPM by hand would be extremely difficult to maintain.

  71. looking to buy k dill adapter for clam plate in Canada. no one has stock all backordered.
    any suggestion? on where to buy without the high shipping cost from US +$70.00


    1. Our price for the Clam Plate Adapter is $14.95 U.S. These should be available from any outlet that offers the K-Drill, (look under dealers on the K-Drill website). If they are out of stock, they can be ordered directly from us and shipped via US mail for around $20-$25 U.S.

  72. need to purchase 8in blades we have two companys that we order from they are out stock do not know when they be getting more

    1. Please contact AWC Distributing at 952/224-3649 during normal business hours or order direct from our website
      We do have them in stock.

    2. I have seen your minimum drill requirements on your website. I don’t do a lot of ice fishing, but I do know that after using a K-Drill on my last outing I definitely want one. I might drill 8-10 holes on a fishing outing. I would like to know since I don’t fish a lot, will by DeWalt DCD950B work on an 8 inch K-Drill? Thanks much…Jaymie

    3. Your drill selection has about 50% of required output to use with the K-Drill. It has 450 UWO (units of work output) vs the required 820 UWO. If you go with that drill you will be disappointed in both your drill and our auger.

  73. Can the k drill be used on a power auger head unit. I have the strike master Honda.

    1. Yes, the K-Drill can be used on a gas powerhead. I’m familiar with fitting them onto Strikemaster and Eskimo powerheads. As long as the output shaft is 7/8″ dia and rotates clockwise when viewed from the top, it will work. In some cases if the same bolt that was used to hold the steel auger onto the gas power head is not fitting through the hole of the K-Drill, it may be necessary to drill another hole through the collar of the K-Drill shaft and secure the K-Drill with a bolt and nut. This new hole is to be drilled at 90 degrees to the existing mounting hole.

  74. I received my new 6″ K Drill today and one of the flights is broken. How do I go about getting it replaced?

    1. IF it was broken in shipment from Thorne Bros., then it should be returned to them for replacement. If you don’t want to wait for the return and exchange, then get it sent in to us at the address below an we will repair.
      Send to
      AWC Distributing
      6667 West Old Shakopee Rd
      Suite 101
      Minneapolis, MN 55438
      Please include your name, address and phone number and the nature of the return and we’ll repair it and get it sent back to you.

  75. I just purchased a 8″ k drill. Is my Dewalt dcd990 up to the task?

    1. It would be a little light on power output. It has 650 UWO and the DCD991, that we recommend has 820 UWO. I’d sooner er to the more powerful side than have you disappointed with the drill and the auger because it just won’t carry the load for the long run.

  76. I just purchased an 8″ K Drill and looks like it will work great. My questions is regarding the size, 8″. The box read that it is an 8″ drill but seems a bit smaller than 8″. According to how I measured it is almost 7″. I have an 8″ gas auger and when I compare, the K Drill does seem smaller.

    Is that right? Or did I get the 6″ auger by mistake? Just want to be sure and wondering if I need to exchange.

    1. When measuring from outside blade tip to outside blade tip the 6″ K-Drill drills a full 6″ diameter hole. The 8″ K-Drill drills a 7.5″ diameter hole.

  77. Thinking about buying the 6in kit combo, wanted to know how many batteries either drill comes with in the combo pack.

    1. We offer the Milwaukee 2703-22 or the DeWalt DCD991P2 in our combo packs. Both the Milwaukee and Dewalt come with 2-5 amp/hr lithium ion batteries in the combo.

  78. Hello, I have a brushless non fuel m18 drill and do not want to spend 150 on this Auden for it not to work will my model work model: 2701-21p

    1. We put in drill requirements in our manual as well as on our website. Judging from looking up the model number of the Milwaukee drill, it falls short of the necessary drill requirements. We’re sorry, but we’d sooner lose the sale of a K-Drill than have a customer that’s disappointed in the performance of their drill and our auger.

  79. Side Stabilizer Handle disconnecting-breaking the casting on the Milwaukee while drilling (second time this has happened), often happening when nearing the end of the hole. Very hard on the wrist. What setting and # should I have it on (lowest = 1?) and drill mode right?

    1. The design of the side stabilizer arm mounting on the Milwaukee drill requires that it be kept very tight at all times. We’ve heard of persons actually adding an internal tooth lockwasher to this arm to help keep it tight during drilling. If you don’t like the idea of sending the drill back to Milwaukee for them to repair, the Clam Plate solves this issue because the ears are not used to hold it into position. The down side is adding an additional 5 lbs of material to the hole drilling experience.

  80. I have Milwaukee 2703-20 and K drill 8 in with drill set on 1 and drill mode. The unit is only 1 year old with less than 100 holes drilled. The drill is slipping and ratcheting to the point of not getting through 18 inches of ice.

    1. That is a drill issue and the drill will need to be returned to Milwaukee for repair. Contact or call 1-800-729-3878

  81. Can I attach my Kdrill auger to my Jiffy Legend power head and will it work ok?

    1. I’m afraid not. Jiffy’s turn counterclockwise and the K-drill turns clockwise.

  82. I have two sons 12 and 14 who are very responsible and love to ice fish. I want to purchase a k drill for them to use they fish tip ups and pan fish equally. Is the 6 inch easier to use ( less binding or grabbing at break through than the 8 inch) or is there no difference other than the amount of holes you can drill. I have a milwaukee fuel 2703 for them to use. Just looking for advice about which one they may experience the least amount of potential issues. Thanks

    1. I think the 6″ k-drill would be a better choice for them because they will not be patient enough to stay in one spot all day long and will want to drill more holes than we as parents. The 6″ will provide them with adequate hole size for the fishing experiences and will allow them approx. 15% more holes per battery charge. The amount of torque difference between the 6″ and 8″ is very small.

  83. Morning Tom, how did you get the bubble level to stay on your Fuel drill? Super glue cracked off and I don’t want to glob it up with silicone. K Drill is a great product!

    1. A single large drop of silicone should hold the bubble level in position on the end of the drill. The silicone also has some resilience to handle any vibration you may experience as well. It’s also possible to use hot-melt glue but you will need to be quick to get it correctly located before hardening.

  84. I have a Craftsman 19.2 V hammer drill model 315-CS1015*. Not sure if it meets the specs. Will it work?

    1. If the drill manufacturer does not list the items shown as our requirements I would question whether they will meet your needs. See the following which is also shown on our website.

      Cordless Drill Minimum Requirements
      You can use any cordless drill brand you choose, as long as it meets the following minimum requirements:

      Side Stabilizer Arm (for a secure two-handed grip)
      1/2” Drill Chuck
      18 Volt/4 Amp Lithium Ion Battery (or higher)
      Brushless Motor Design
      500-750 RPM with a minimum of
      Minimum 725 in/lbs or 820 UWO of torque

  85. I have a Milwaukee 1/2″ cordless hammer/drill/ driver kit Mfr.# 0726-22 ( 28 volt ) with 28 volt Red Lithium batteries. I’m not sure if it brushless. Will this drill 8″ holes ?
    Thanks Larry

    1. In looking at the specs, it should work, but what is not listed is whether it is brushless or not and though it has a 28 volt battery it does not indicate the amp hours of output. In many cases marginal drills will work if you only drill 2-4 holes and that’s it for an hour or so, but if you want to drill 10-20 holes then move and drill another 10-20 holes you’ll want to make certain you aren’t compromising on a cheap drill that will go up in smoke and you’ll be looking for a new drill before your next trip.

  86. I have seen 3 different torque requirements for the K drill. Your owner’s manual says a minimum of 650in/lb, your product box says a minimum of 700in/lb, and your “drill minimum requirements” on your website says 725in/lb. What is it? I have a Ridgid Genx5 brush-less with a rating of 700in/lb. I would love to buy your product but I cannot afford to also invest in a larger drill. I know you receive endless questions about “will my drill work”, and I am sorry, but with different numbers coming from the manufacturer it is difficult to determine whether mine will work or not.

    1. Our owners manual indicates a minimum of 725 in/lbs of torque and this is still the minimum drill requirement to operate either the 6″ or 8″ K-Drill. Further minimum requirements include Brushless, 4 amp/hour lithium Ion batteries, 500-750 RPM speed range setting, 1/2″ chuck with side stabilizer support arm.

  87. When placing the auger onto the ice, do you recommend placing something in between the drill and the ice? Wondering if slush or any snow on the drill with affect it negatively.

    1. If you are done drilling for a while I’d take off the battery and put it someplace to keep it warm until you’re ready to use again. Using common sense not to lay the drill in the water so it’s not getting the internal components wet is wise. I don’t think throwing it into a snowbank blocking all the drill body venting would be good, but simply laying it on top of the ice would be acceptable.

  88. Can you tell me if the K-drill will fit within the Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro brackets? I am curious because of the larger shaft diameter and the double flighting. Thanks.

    1. I have not personally mounted a K-Drill in these upright brackets. I know it would work to fit around the drive shaft on the top end of the drill, but due to the flighting it may only rest in the brackets on the bottom end, so an additional bungey cord may be necessary to hold the bottom of the K-Drill in position during transit.

  89. How does the Milwaukee 2810 compare to the 2703 in terms of holes drilled per same battery ?

    1. Number of holes from comparable battery is close to identical. Very dependent upon 2810 speed setting.

  90. Your list of drills does not include the newer Milwaukee drills, like the 2705-20 and 2706-20. Has either drill been tested with the Kdrill ? Does the One-Key app on these models help by setting the max RPM, torque, or other settings within the app ?


    1. At this time we have not tested the latest Milwaukee drills with these features.

  91. Do have any plans to make a carry case to fit auger and drill to strap on your back to keep your hands free. Any thoughts on this?

    1. No plans for a backpacking model for this year.

  92. I think a great accessory for this product would be some kind of carrying bag that you could put on your back to carry. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Presently not in plans for this seasons’ production.

  93. Hi, can I purchase new blades from my local dealer or do I have to order them online?

    1. If your local dealer is carrying replacement blades, you can purchase through them. If they don’t have what you’re looking for you may order online at or call direct 952/224-3649.

  94. If not is there a Makita that fits the bill and the 3 amp battery will it work I gust have lots of them?

    1. You may use any drill you wish as long as it meets the requirements shown on our website.

  95. Do you have any info on how many holes can be drilled with the 6” vs the 8” on a charge taking into account the same depth of ice, same battery and drill?
    (Milwaukee M18 model 2703-20 with 9 amp hr battery)

    1. Our tests indicate with all factors being equal the 8″ K-drill completes 12-15% less holes than the 6″ K-drill on a fully charged battery. Of course the 8″ K-Drill is removing 36% more material than the 6″.

  96. I had received a drill set combo for my birthday and i dont know anything about it but im wondering if this would for for a k drill thank you for your time

    1. Major Things to remember
      1) Be certain the drill settings are correct before connecting to the K-Drill – do not Dry-fire (running the auger without a load on the drill)
      2) Keep blades covered until ready to drill ice – Blades are very sharp!!
      3) Read the manual and watch the U-Tube videos before going out on the ice.

  97. Haven’t tried my K drill paired with the Milwaukee fuel drill on the ice yet but it seems to make a clunky noise when I let go of the trigger and the drill stops. Is this normal?

    1. The Milwaukee drill has dynamic braking as a safety feature which stops the rotation of the drill immediately upon release of the trigger. When coupled with an auger of 6″ or 8″ in diameter this momentum to stop is very hard on the drill. It should only be run when there is a load on the drill. Sometimes you may want to support the drill with your gloved hand, in the smooth shaft area (below the float) just to spin off the water and ice. This load is enough to smooth out the stop of the drill.

  98. In a fish house with 110 is a corded drill alright to use? I have a dewalt and it has plenty of torque. It’s variable speed.

    1. I’ve been told by Dewalt that the 110 volt drill should adequately carry the load. They just have concerns of extension cords and water and issues of dealing with high voltage while possibly standing in water. Always better having a drill with a restricted/limited speed in order to maintain control while drilling.

  99. Do you have a drive adapter that fits the Ion auger system? We were fishing a tournament and had to purchase a new auger bit so I bought the K-drill and was going to mount on my Ion auger so I did not have to purchase a drill too at this time but this did not work. The shaft on the Ion is smaller diameter than the drive adapter on the K-Drill and thus it is not stable.

    1. Our adapter for the Clam Plate IDRLADPC also fits the Ion power head. This adapter retails for $14.95. You will notice that the K-Drill will cut with this power head, but because it is turning much slower than you would experience with a standard hand drill, it will not move the chips out of the hole as well so will not be as efficient.

  100. I have the Dewalt drill #DCD996B I don’t see this one listed on the list of products that will work but it seems to meet all the requirements just wondering if this drill will work as well as the other ones?

    1. The Dewalt DCD996 and DCD991 both have the same work output. The only difference is that the DCD991 is a Drill/Driver and the DCD996 is a hammerdrill. Both will work for the K-Drill application as long as the drive selection is in the ‘DRILL’ mode.

  101. On your site I do not see where I can order an adapter (IDRLADPC) for my Clam drill plate? I also want to order the 12″ extension. Any help direction would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. If you look under the ‘Shop’ section at the header you’ll find it and be able to place the order.

  102. It is my understanding that you have increased the diameter of the float on the kdrill. If so, is there concern that the drill could come off and disappear down the hole? I brought this question up at the St Paul Ice Show and the guy there suggested I just contact you to see about get the larger size replacement. Would there be a charge? If so, how much.


    1. The float material is 3.13 and has been the same for the past several years.

  103. How about the m18 2603-20? Will this meet the requirements for the k drill.

    1. The Milwaukee 2603-20 was the first of approved Milwaukee drills and has been replaced by Milwaukee with the 2703-20. The new Milwaukee delivers nearly double the torque of the old 2603-20 and doesn’t weigh any more.

  104. just bought one and haven’t tried it on ice yet….. just playing with it but It seems to stop vary abruptly …thinking this will kill the drill???

    1. The Milwaukee drills have a dynamic braking system that does stop the drill abruptly. Not noticeable on small diameter bits, but very evident with larger mass of the K-Drill. Strongly recommend not “Dry Firing” the drill with the K-Drill attached. It needs to have a load on the drill to cushion the stopping forces.

  105. Is there a difference between Dewalt DCD996 and DCD996P2 that keeps it from working with Kdrill 8 inch model?

    1. DCD996 or DCD996b is the bare drill itself and the DCD996P2 is the package deal with 2 batteries, charger, side arm and carrying case. Same drill (hammerdrill) just packaged with more goodies.

  106. Hi, I purchased a K Drill from Cabela’s. Was it supposed to come with the Drive Adapter because there was not one in the box???

    1. Sarah,
      It comes with a drive adapter to attach to an electric drill chuck, but to attach to a Clam Plate, you must purchase the Clam Adapter IDRLADPC.

  107. Couple things, since theres no registration are you going to stand behind your product when the receipt fades away in a year & did you change the flighting as this auger does not match the picture in the owners manual & if so why & what do the changes do to the performance? Is the new spacing not alowing all the shavings to come all the way up, hence the binding?

    1. Your only means of assured warranty at this time is hanging on to your receipt for that first year.

  108. Do you sell M18 drills with just one battery and a case?
    I don’t need another charger and already have one good battery; just need the drill and a single battery.

    1. We only offer the complete drill kit with 2 batteries, charger, drill, side arm and carrying case. It is possible to purchase the drill 2703-20 and battery 48-11-1850 separately from online or contractor outlet stores.

  109. I recently purchased the Milwaukee drill Model #2703-22. I’m clear that the drill needs to be set on the DRILL mode and on the Level 1 RPM setting, but what should the Clutch dial be set to? It has settings from 2-24. I noticed this question was asked earlier but your answer to did not address the clutch setting. Thanks.


    1. Drill needs to be set on ‘1’ for the low speed-high torque setting. Collar to be set in ‘drill’ mode rather than ‘screw’ mode. When in the drill mode the collar setting for the torque does not come into play in the operation of the drill

  110. Hello,

    Is the K-Drill shank a 7/16″ hex flat style?

    Wondering if it’s compatible with Milwaukee’s QUIK-LOK™ Chuck: For keyless, one-handed bit changes. Accepts most 7/16″ hex flat or groove shank bits

    1. No it is not compatible.

  111. How strong is the auger when clearing out pre drilled holes that are starting to freeze up? I.e. Reusing the holes in my shack…

    1. The K-Drill works marvelously for re-drilling old holes. Wherever you set the tip is where it drills. No binding.

    2. The K-drill shank is 1/2″ so you must have a drill that can open up enough to accept a 1/2″ drill.

    3. By going online for your preferential drill manufacturer they will categorize their drills by their chuck size or power. 1/2″ drills are very common, just get one with the correct specs. See our requirements.

  112. Do you have an adapter for an sds drill?

    1. Sorry, there is no adapter for Slotted Drive System drills at this time.

  113. I just purchased your K-Drill with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Model #2703-22. What torque setting number on the drill should I use for best ice drilling?

    1. Use the normal Drill mode, not the driver mode. Even at the max setting, the auger will stall.

  114. will a Milwaukee model 2701-21p drill work on the k drill?

    1. Sorry John. That model does not meet the requirements.

  115. Just saw your video and at the end it said you could put the KDrill on a strikemaster powerhead. I have the 8 inch KDrill and love it. Will it fit the Honda lite powered head? I have a 10 inch bit and a lot falls though a 10 inch hole would love to put the KDrill 8 inch on. Thank you and have a great day.

    1. If your Honda uses a 7/8″ shaft, it may work. Some modification to the K-Drill shaft may be required in order to allow for the connecting bolt.

  116. Do you have any Canadian dealers

    1. Yes, we have multiple outlets for the K-Drill, please lookup dealers in our K-Drill website by noting your zip code.

  117. Do you have any reconditioned 8″ units in stock

    1. Not at this time, but be sure to check the Shop page occasionally. We’ll list them here when available…

  118. Will my Dewalt dc777 20v brushless work, I asked at Runnings and no one could answer?

    1. No it won’t. This drill lacks the required torque.

  119. Is there an adapter to fit the k drill to the ion power head?

    1. Not at this time.

  120. Can you use a Milwaukee m18 fuel hammer drill?

    1. Only if it meets the minimum specs and has a normal “Drill” mode…

  121. Does this work with a Rigid Gen 5X brushless 18V drill? It has a 2 amp hour (high capacity) battery.

    1. Sorry, it will not.

    2. will a ridgid 5x brushless hammer drill work with the 4 amp battery it seems to meet the requirements if not why so?

    3. This drill has slightly less torque than required. It may work with the 6″ K-Drill, but is not officially approved. Without ample torque, the auger may stall frequently.

  122. Is there a way of extending about 6″ – 8″? I am tall with a bad back. Without an extender, the drill is a little short for me and the 12″ extender is too long.

    1. Sorry, we only offer the 12″ extensions.

  123. Will the Milwaukee 2607-20 work with the 8″ auger?

    1. No, it will not.

  124. Will the Milwaukee 2755-20 work with the k drill?

    1. Afraid not.

  125. How thick of ice can I cut without the extension. Thanks!

    1. 36″

  126. Any plans on a 10ln. bit? That would be great love my 8in.

    1. Sorry, no plans for a larger auger size.

  127. I am up in Canada and it is not uncommon for the ice to be 4’ thick. Can this drill be used at that depth? I can’t see if you sell an extension .

    1. Yes, 12″ extensions are available. They can be stacked, so there really is no limit to how thick the ice can be…

  128. will a kdrill work properly paired with the new strikemaster lithium or will there not be enough rpms

    1. Unknown. It has not been tested as of yet.

  129. Hello, just bought a 8″ k- drill. Love how it works on a milw. Fuel m18. Wondering if it’s been tested on any power heads? And witch one would you recommend? And what a guy needs to make it work. Please and thank you!

    1. Via the engineering department: “The K-Drill is compatible with power heads having a 7/8” output shaft and that turn clockwise when viewing from the top. Strikemaster will use the same 5/16” bolt going through the shaft and Eskimo uses a 3/8” bolt, which means it may be necessary to either add a hole, at 90 degrees to existing hole in the K-Drill shaft, or drill out the existing hole in the K-Drill shaft and secure with a through bolt.”

  130. Yes, this drill meets the requirements.

  131. A drill that is not brushless will still work, but may not survive long because of the load put on the drill.

  132. I have a Milwuakee Fuel 18 brushless drill with two batteries, what is the best settings for drilling holes with kdrill? brand new, just got for this winter! Thanks

    1. Always use the low-gear setting in normal “drill” mode.

  133. If I order the kdrill with the Milwaukee drill, what size are the batteries and how many does it come with? not seeing any of that info on the site. Thank you for the help!

    1. Comes with two 5 Amp Red Lithium batteries, and the charger.

  134. I’m curious if something is maybe out of spec with my auger. I was under the understanding that the k drill would fit on strikemaster powerheads so I tried it on my strikemaster Honda lite this evening and was unable to get the holes to line up. It was close but not close enough to get threaded. Let me know if this should be able to work on my powerhead. I have a drill too but was hoping to use the powerhead late season.

    1. This setup should work. Please contact our support department and attach a photo if you can…

  135. My wife bought me the Milwaukee m18 set with redlithium battery packs. Will this work for a kdrill unit?

    1. Yes, this is our top recommended drill.

  136. Is there a safety option to keep the auger from going to the bottom of the lake, when as you already know ALL, I repeat ALL battery operated drills the chuck never stays tight and do come loose repeatedly, I own Dewalt 20V set, Craftsman 19.2V, and a Milwaukee 18V set as I work on houses for a living All were bought in hopes the chuck coming loose would stop, Never has, so your answer to the bottom of the lake??????????????

    1. Yes, that is the purpose of the foam float attached to the upper part of the auger’s shaft.

  137. I have an 8″ Kdrill 3 or 4 seasons old. The new blades I purchased at the sporting goods retailer are not the same size as my original blades. Has there been changes to the design? What should I do?

    1. The older K-Drills had a slightly different design. You can still get those blades, but you’ll need to order direct. Please call the office at 952-224-3649.

  138. Yes, that drill should work well for both.

  139. Just curious if the reconditioned units come with all the benefits:
    Sharpened blades for life
    1 year warranty

    1. Yes, same warranty and benefits as a new one.

  140. I bought my Kdrill four or five years ago and love it. I have scene moves to Idaho and am now dealing with more slush pockets and now the head keeps freezing up on me. Have you addressed this issue and if so how can I get the head replaced. Thank you!

    1. Yes, we have fixed that problem. The original design of the cutting head from the first K-Drills had a step below the center tip that prevented a smooth flow of chips off the center tip. Once the center tip and surrounding surface packed with ice shavings it stopped the entire drill from moving through the ice. The latest design has a smoother transition that allows the chips and shavings from the center tip to slide onto the area of the cutting blades and be carried out with the chips from the main chipper blades, hence making the K-Drill work through a wider range of drilling conditions. We can upgrade older K-Drills to the new design if you send it in. There is no cost beyond the in-bound shipping.

      K-Drill Systems
      6667 West Old Shakopee Road
      Suite 102
      Bloomington, MN 55438

  141. I have a cordless 1/2″ Milwaukee 18v lithium driver/drill. Category 2601-20, will this work with the 8″ K Drill?

    1. Afraid not Dan. This drill is not brushless (meaning overheating the motor will be a problem) and does not have the torque required.

  142. I have a 20v dewalt and use the clam plate, will the Kdrill fit that or would I need an adapter?

  143. Do you guys offer a veteran discount?

    1. Yes, please contact Corey at the office: 952-224-3649 He’ll take care of you.

  144. Which of the DeWalt drills do you recommend for optimal use of the Kdrill?

    1. The DCD991P2 is a great choice.

  145. What model number Milwaukee drill do you guys send with your drill/ auger combo? Thanks

    1. As of this date, it’s #2703-22

  146. Hammer drills, in hammer mode, should not be used with the K-Drill. Normal drill mode is what you always want. Your drill should be more than adequate.

  147. What constitutes a reconditioned k-drill.

    1. Generally, reconditioned product has been used by our staff, writers, pros and other VIP types. Each drill is thoroughly checked, worn parts are replaced, and it’s fitted with newly sharpened blades.

  148. Looks like their drill is a little light on the torque at 650…

    However, 650 should be adequate for the 6″ K-Drill.

  149. Yes, that should work well. Be sure to use the normal “Drill” mode in the low-gear setting.

  150. Dewalt no longer uses max torque in the specs for their drills. They now uses AWO and MWO to determine the “power” of the drill. Since your website says the minimum requirement to use the K Drill is 750in/lbs, how can I tell if a certain Dewalt drill has enough torque?

    1. Here’s a good article that explains the conversions…

      If the drill is of true professional quality, rather than the DIY types, and meets the 18 volt, half-inch, brushless requirements, it should be more than adequate.

  151. i was lucky enough to be a test participant of the 8 inch auger which i mated to a 60v dewalt – absolutely perfect. Love it!

    Can you resharpen the blades for me? Can i buy additional blades?

    1. Thanks Tom! The 8″ model is our most popular.

      You can buy new blades here…

      and, Yes, we will re-sharpen your old K-Drill blades too. More info here:

  152. So I have a Milwaukee M18 1/2” high toque impact wrench, do you make an adaptor for that?

    1. Sorry, the impact wrench will not work. You’ll need something with a standard drill function.

  153. I have a 50 volt Strikemaster drill that I would like to put the k-drill on. The shaft of the Strikemaster is 7/8″ Do you have an adapter that will fit this shaft?

    1. No need. The K-Drill will fit directly.

  154. Hi,
    I am local. Can I personally pick up the drill at your location?



    1. Yes. We are open M – F 8am to 4:30pm

  155. Do I need to register the Kdrill I bought at the Vexlar store in Bloomington on 9/14/2017?

    I’m not seeing anything in the website to register so I just assume I hold on to the receipt?

    Keith Ricke

    1. Correct. No need to register. Just hang on to your receipt.

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