Efficient and lightweight


The K-Drill Ice Auger requires a 1/2 inch brush less Lithium Ion electric drill.  The K-Drill is designed to function best at 500-750 rpm and requires a minimum of 725 in - lbs. of torque from your electric drill. Pickup orders at our warehouse are available by request.


K-Drill Ice Auger Systems and Combo Packs

6" K-Drill Ice Auger System


The K-Drill Ice Auger System has its own flotation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole if it should become detached from the electric drill.  Drills holes quickly and efficiently.


8" K-Drill Ice Auger System


6" and 8" K-Drill Auger System Combo Pack includes Milwaukee M18 Fuel MOdel 2703-22 and K-Drill Assembly.


8" K-Drill Ice Auger System Combo Pack

Having the right ice auger for the ice fishing is key for more time on the ice.  Years in the making, the K-Drill Ice Auger is the first of its kind to match drilling speed with rechargeable electric drill efficiency. More holes between battery charges means more fishing time.

Customer Testimonials


"I needed an honest opinion about purchasing an ice auger. A friend recommended K-Drill Ice Auger, because it was lightweight and efficient.  I contacted them and they have the most helpful people over the phone giving me all the information.  Wow, I can't believe that everyone I talked to there ice fishes!" - Mitch B.


"The guys at AWC Distributing are awesome.    Purchased my 8" K-Drill Ice Auger System and picked up extra accessories at their shop. Above and beyond company." - Darren M.

Product Catalog

6" K-Drill Ice Auger System Combo Pack

6" and 8" K-Drill Auger Replacement Blades

12" K-Drill Auger Extension

Float for K-Drill Auger

Safety Cover for 6" and 8" K-Drill Auger

Driver Adapter

Adapter for Clam Plate

Kluge Auger Adapter


Product Accessories and Service Parts



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