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K-Drill Ice Auger System User Manual

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User's Manual

K-Drill Ice Auger System

Pat.     7, 946, 355



Table of Contents



Table of Contents

  • Introducing the K-Drill ice Auger Systems and Maintenance
    • K-Drill Ice Auger System Components
    •     Operating the K-Drill Ice Auger Instructions
      •  Drill Setup
      • Attaching Drill to K-Drill Auger
      • Drilling
      • Symptons of Low Battery Voltage
      • Installing the K-Drill Extension
  • Parts and Accessories for the K-Drill Ice Augers
    • K-Drill Order Form
    • Warranty and Policy
    • Warranty Registration

Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully.  The words WARNING, CAUTION, STOP, and NOTE carry special meanings and should be carefully reviewed.

WARNING:     Failure to read, understand and follow all warnings and instructions listed could result in serious injury or death to self or others.

CAUTION:      These instructions point out special safety procedures or precautions that must be followed ot avoid damaging the augers, injuries to self and others. 

STOP:     Stop to make sure safety cover is always on for safety of self and others. 

NOTE:     This provides special information to make usage of the K-Drill easy and important instructions more clear. 

Efficiency and light weight performance best describe the K-Drill Ice Augers.  Both the 6" and 8" K-Drill Ice Auger System are designed to be driven with rechargeable electric drills or gas power heads.  The unique center tips adn high carbon steel chipper blades allows fo quick and clean holes under all ice conditions, and works exceptionally well when re-opening existing holes. 

The K-Drill has its own floatation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole if it should come detached from the drill. 

The K-Drill Ice Auger requires a 1/2 inch drill chuck Lithium Ion electric drill.  The K-Drill is designed to function best at 500-750 RPM and requires a minimum of 725 in-lbs of torque from your electric drill. 

ALWAYS place protective cover over blades when not drilling.  Keep Drill assembly out of water and remember the warmer the battery is kept, the more holes you can drill in a day. 

At he end of the ice fishing season before storing for summer, please spray WD-40 on the blades to prevent rusting during the off season.  A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. offers Life Time Blade sharpening of the product unless damaged.  Life Time Blade Sharpening does NOT cover negligence and misuse of equipment. 

Driver Adapter


Float (IDRL26)


Chipper Blade

Chipper Blade

Center Tip

Universal Safety Cover for 6" and 8" (IDRL24)


6" Flighting (IDRL17)

8" Flighting IDRL48

Replacement Blades 3 pcs Set:

(includes 2 chipper blades and 1 center tip)

6" (IDRLBL6)

8" (IDRLBL8)

WARNING                     : 

Read and understand the information in this manual.  Familiarization with the K-Drill Ice Auger prior to use is very important. 

NOTE:      Drill Setup

1.     Be sure the drill mode is set under "drill"

2.     Be sure drill is in the slowest speed setting (Setting #1)

3.     Add side-arm handle to drill for additional support and stability.

This is what the "Drill" mode looks like on your Milwaukee drill. 

The speed setting of the drill should ALWAYS be at its slowest speed (Setting 1). 

CAUTION                     : 

Do not remove the blade cover until you are ready to drill - Blades are sharp!




NOTE:      Attaching drill to K-Drill Auger

1.     While attaching drill to the driver adapter (IDRL28) of the K-Drill Ice Auger, be certain to align the flats on the auger driver stem to the jaws in the chuck of the drill. 

2.     Tighten chuck of drill

3.     Fully tighten chuck to the auger and then back off the chuck until you feel the step.  Back off the tightening approximately 1/4".  This locks the chuck of the drill into position. 

4.     Now double check the drill mode and setting.

NOTE:      Installing K-Drill to Gas Power Head

•     Requirements:

1.     CW (clockwise) rotation (when viewed from the top) of the Power Head output shaft. 

2.     7/8" (.875") dia output shaft

3.     Hole for through bolt on output shaft to be 5/16 bolt no closer than 5/8" (.625") from output bearing on bottom of gear box attached to gas power head. 

STOP                     : 

Be sure K-Drill assembly is firmly attached to drill and settings on the drills are correct before drilling holes. 

NOTE:      Drilling

NOTE:      Maintenance

1.     The K-Drill Ice Auger System will produce torque to the drill while the auger is cutting ice, it is very important to hang on to drill with BOTH hands.  The auger is designed to function with your drill running at full speed.  Keep all body parts, clothing and foreign objects clear of rotating auger. 

2.     While drilling NEVER vary drill speed....ALWAYS run at MAX RPM (from trigger control) in "DRILL" setting - Drill Vertically at 90 degrees to the ice as cutting at an angle may cause the drill to bind and stall. 

3.     No need to jam or force the K-Drill to cut.  Just keep a slight downward pressure on the drill and you will feel it pull its way through the ice.  Always keep the RPM as high as possible while still allowing the blades to continue cutting.

4.     During the operation of cutting the ice, the auger could possibly stop if it comes in contact with a foreign object or if it binds in the hole.  In conditions of thick ice, be sure to pull the bit out of the ice several times to assure excess ice shavings do not build-up in the hole which will bind the drill and make it hard to lift out once hole is complete.  Beyond 24" of ice it is best to clear the hole of ice shavings every 5 seconds.  12" auger extension (IDRLEXT) are available for thicker ice.

5.     After cutting the ice fishing holes the auger should ALWAYS be set in safe place and ALWAYs place the protective cover over blades when not drilling to protect against personal injury or damage ot the auger shaft or blade(s).  IF FOR ANY REASON, YOUR SAFETY COVER COMES UP MISSING OR DAMAGED, you can purchase a preplacement cover from A.W.C. Distributing, Inc.  Please follow the Order Form Instructions on page 7.

6.     Keep your electric drill assembly out of water and remember the warmer the battery is kept, the more holes you can drill in a day.  

NOTE:      Symptons of Low Battery Voltage

-     Slowing down - unalbe ot maintain high RPM during drilling

-      Frequent stops - this is result of high current overload on the drill


You can use any drill of your preference.  We have determined that the K-Drill is designed to function best at 500-750 RPM and requires a minimum of 725 in - lbs of torque from your electric drill. 

A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. Approved Drills                                        Model#

Milwaukee M18 Fuel (4Amp)                                                                 2603-22

Milwaukee M18 Fuel (5Amp)                                                                 2703-22

DeWalt 20 Volt Max XR                                                                            DCD990M2


Side-arm handle

NOTE:      Installing the K-Drill extension

12" Extension (IDRLEXT)

1.     Slide down float - exposing Allen bolt.

2.     Remove bolt and remove drive adapter with washer.

3.     Install stem of extension - replace and tighten bolt removed in step #2.

4.     Install drive adapter with washer into top of extension - secure with bolt provided  

K-Drill Blade Replacement and Re-sharpening Instructions

•     Blade sharpening for the K-Drill is FREE unless the blades have been abused drilling into rock, gravel, sand, etc, READ the warranty policy on the back of your manual.  The blades can be re-sharpened 2-3 times under normal use, before needing replacement.  After re-sharpening blades multiple times they may fall outside the specification where they can safely be re-sharpened.  It will then be necessary to purchase a new replacement set of blades for your K-Drill.  Please let us know if you would like to purchase an additional set of blades when you return your blades for re-sharpening.  We will notify you at the time of re-sharpening whether your blades cannot be re-sharpened due to wear or neglect.

•     CAUTION - Blades are sharp!  Use leather gloves when handling blades.

•     Remove the center tip blade with 3/16" Allen wrench.

•     Remove outside chipper blades with 7/16" open end wrench.

•     Preplace outside chipper blades - snug bolts into position then torque an additional 1/4 turn and STOP!  (If possible torque to 115 in/lbs) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as it will strip the threads and this will not covered under warranty.

•     Replace center tip - adjust the blade so it is equally spaced side to side from the chipper blades installed in the previous step.  NOTE:  the center point of this blade is designed NOT to be centered in the opening - gauge the edges from the chipper blades.  Torque bolt of center tip to 115 in/lbs.

•     To prevent rust - K-Drill blades are made from tool steel and will require having a coating of grease or oil when being put away for storage for the year. 

When returning a set of blades for re-sharpening please wrap them and return them to the address shown below: 

                              AWC Distributing/Blade Re-sharpening

                              6667 West Old Shakopee Rd. Suite 102

                              Minneapolis, MN 55438

Be certain to include your name-address and phone number along with your returned blades. 

To purchase other parts and accessories for the K-Drill Ice Auger Systems please contact A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. customer service at 952-224-3649, Option 1 or http://kdrillauger.com to place an order.  You can fill your complete order on the order form on the next page and send it in or fax it with your payment option. 

K-Drill Ice Auger System Part and Accessories


 6" Auger Only










 8" Auger Only

 12" Auger Extension

 6" Replacement Blades (set of 3 Blades)

 8" Replacement Blades (set of 3 Blades)

 Safety Cover - Universal for 6" and 8" K-Drill

 Float for K-Drill Auger

 Driver Adapter

 Adapter for Clam Drill Plate

 Kluge Drill Attachment (T-Handle Adapter fo be used for StrikeMaster hand auger to electric drill)

A.W.C. Distributing Order Form

5 easy ways to order parts and accessories

•     By Fax - Fax the completed order from to (952) 884-5292

•     By Mail - Send the completed Order form, along with payment (Credit Card, Check, Money Order, or Cashier's check) to: 

A.W.C. Distributing, Inc., 6667 West Old Shakopee Rd, Suite 102, Minneapolis, MN 55438

•     You can place your order online http://kdrillauger.com by Phone, or if you are local please come right on in to the address above.

•     Please call for item pricing at (952) 224-3649, Option 1

Please Print

Click here for PDF version if you are mailing in a check, cashier's check, or money order.