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  1. Do I need to register the Kdrill I bought at the Vexlar store in Bloomington on 9/14/2017?

    I’m not seeing anything in the website to register so I just assume I hold on to the receipt?

    Keith Ricke

  2. Correct. No need to register. Just hang on to your receipt.

  3. Hi,
    I am local. Can I personally pick up the drill at your location?



  4. Yes. We are open M – F 8am to 4:30pm

  5. I have a 50 volt Strikemaster drill that I would like to put the k-drill on. The shaft of the Strikemaster is 7/8″ Do you have an adapter that will fit this shaft?

  6. Sorry Tim, but not at this time.

  7. So I have a Milwaukee M18 1/2” high toque impact wrench, do you make an adaptor for that?

  8. Sorry, the impact wrench will not work. You’ll need something with a standard drill function.

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