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Caring for Our Customers


A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. takes pride in its products as it has become one of the lightest and most efficient ice auger around.  We look at the big picture - when you are out ice fishing you don't want to haul a heavy ice auger from hole to hole if you like to hole hop or re-drilling old holes. We want for you to have an easy set up so you can just sit back and enjoy the fishing time.  Our reputation is built on caring about our customers, being honest, providing quality services and quality products.


Customer Referrals

A good deal of our business comes from customer referrals or word of mouth, for which we are thankful. Nothing is better than having one of our customers praise our product and our staff - it lets us know we're doing a good job. 

About Us


Founded in 2003, A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. has been an integral part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul community with a rich history and an exciting future.  A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction in the greater Twin Cities area. Since opening, A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. have worked to provide and deliver quality and value. Our mission, as a marine electronic company, is to make maintaining your ice auger simple, convenient, and safe. Make sure to follow the Safety Tips.


Professionalism is something we don't compromise on, as it is a sign that we care about what we do, and it shows.

About the President


In the early 1980s, the owner of A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. received a job offer from a Fortune 500 company that perfectly matched his engineered experience.  But the turned down the Fortune 500 Company to stay with the current company he was working for.  If you knew the company back then you wonder if the owner had made the wrong decision.


It was in 1977 that the owner of A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. first joined.  Business wasn't good. The owner and a fellow employee tried to stay focus. 


The owner of A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. is well respected in fishing circles.  He was inducted into the Hayward, Wisconsin based Fresh Water Fishing Hall of fame in 2012 for his contributions to the industry.  He has been making those contributions in part by bringing an old-school, commonsense approach to run his business.  Focusing on keeping his overhead low, knowing his customers and their needs, providing reliable service and maintaining an obsessive attention to details. 


"Every ice auger is assembled here in our warehouse.  It is inspected before it ever gets put in a box and shipped out.  Our staff is very hands-on, " Steve Baumann says. 

If you're still wondering why the owner of A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. didn't bit at the 500 Fortune Company back in 1980s, the answer might be that he seems to be a natural entrepreneur. 


A.W.C. Distrubuting, Inc., distributes Salmo fishing lures, which are made in Poland, K-Drill Ice Auger Systems, which is made here in Minnesota, and Haswing USA, which production is in China.  All three companies share space in a Bloomington warehouse; like the down-to-earth Steve Baumann, the building is nothing flashy.  His pragmatic approach to life and business can be traced to his roots in southwestern Minnesota.


Steve Baumann grew up in a farm and he learned how to fix things and made it work.  Problem-solving is not issues when it comes to mechanical issues.  The question is, "How do you solve this issue?  How do you make this better?"

About the Staff

We're just "Minnesota Nice" people - courteous and friendly! 



When you're trying to decide, why should I get the K-Drill Ice Auger System?  There are several factors to consider.  At A.W.C. Distributing, Inc., We proudly model our organization in a manner that is professional, provides customer satisfaction and are dedicated to bring you the finest products for the outdoors from the USA and other global sources.  A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. continuously strives to deliver quality and value.

  • The K-Drill Ice Auger System is used by ice fisherman to cut circular holes in ice to access the water and fish below.  The K-Drill Ice Auger is the ultimate drill lightweight assembly designed for hand held cordless electric drills.  Using high carbon steel chipper blades this drill assembly is designed for new holes as well as re-drilling old holes.  The unique center tip greatly reduces blade jump and allows for a quick clean hole time and time again.  The composite flighting is not designed to throw ice shavings around the inside of your fish house but instead is designed to make it very easy to remove the ice without sending the ice all over the floor.
  • The K-Drill Ice Auger has its own flotation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole should it come detached from the chuck of the rechargeable electric drill.
  • The K-Drill Ice Auger System is the result of over a half century of drilling ice and working with ice fishermen to better understand their needs.  The K-Drill Ice Auger is the first of its kind to match drilling speed with rechargeable brushless electric drill efficiency.   More holes between battery charges means more fishing time.  A.W.C. Distributing, Inc.'s passion is to provide the finest ice drilling tools to those who wish to own products that last a lifetime.



In 2003, A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. opened its door on East 78th Street in Bloomington, MN.  With a grand plan to provide courteous service, extensive knowledge and outstanding production in the areas of ice fishing for ice fishermen.  A.W.C. Distributing, Inc. have grown from 2003 to the present.  Our founders had a vision for the K-Drill Ice Auger, to make it a revolutionary system that is engineered to drill holes in ice as fast as any gas auger!  A. W.C. Distributing, Inc. continuously strives to deliver quality and value.  We continue those ideas as values today.